All clubs need money to allow members to participate in activities. For most clubs, the trouble is how to raise this money. Clubs can make money in a variety of ways, from charging dues to selling items. Different styles of fundraising work best with different types of clubs, so experiment to find out what works best for your group.

Collecting Dues

Depending on the type of club that you have, you can opt to charge dues to its members. Estimate the amount of dues based on how much it will cost each member to participate in activities. Consider carefully how much to charge--dues that are too high may discourage people from joining. You can do this in conjunction with other fundraising ideas.

Asking for Donations

If your club provides a service to the community or participates in some type of nonprofit work, then community members may be willing to simply donate some of their money. You can do this through a link on your website or through a mailing. Let people know how you will use the money that they donate--it's better to say that you will use the money to purchase a particular piece of equipment rather than just using it for the club in general.

Direct Sales

You can find a number of items to sell as a fundraiser, from discount cards to candy to pizza. Items are purchased at a reduced rate and sold at a higher rate, with the proceeds going into the club's coffers. Another way to do this is to hold a bake sale or garage sale for your club in which members donate items to sell.


A charity auction can be a good way to raise larger sums of cash. You need to secure items to sell in the auction--ask for donations from community members. Business owners in particular may be more likely to donate because it offers them an advertising opportunity. You can then hold a traditional auction or a silent auction, where people simply write their bid down on a piece of paper.


By offering people in the community a chance to win a prize, you can raise money for your organization. Gather prizes and then sell raffle tickets for them. You can use the raffle ticket money to buy the prizes or you can ask for donations. If there is a festival in your area, you can set up a booth to hold a different, novelty type of contest. For example, you can charge people a few dollars to throw a pie at the faces of your members.