A king and queen pageant is an event that can be organized and hosted by virtually any group or organization. Some king and queen pageants are held just for fun, such as for a high school dance, while others are put together to raise money. There is no single format that a pageant must follow and thus the pageant’s theme or regulations can be tailored to your event or organization.

Determine why you want to host a king and queen pageant. For example, do you want to host the pageant as a means to raise money as part of a fundraiser or do you want to host it just for fun? If you will be putting together the pageant on behalf of a group or organization, gather input from colleagues so that all ideas can be considered.

Decide what the rules, regulations and judging criteria will be for the pageant. Decide the age range of eligible contestants, how contestants can apply to be a part of the pageant and who you will enlist to judge the pageant. Consider what the pageant will consist of, such as a formal wear portion, oral examination portion and talent portion. Determine what the winner or winners of the pageant will receive.

Decide when and where the pageant will take place. Rent a space where the pageant can take place, such as a local theater or school auditorium. Contact the manager or owner of the space to rent the space and to pay for the rental, if required.

Spread the word about the pageant. Tell as many people you know about the pageant and instruct others in your organization to do the same. Put up flyers and posters advertising the event in places where potential pageant contestants might visit. For example, if your college sorority is hosting a king and queen pageant, hang up flyers in your college’s student union, at local restaurants and in all of your college’s dormitories.