Middle school and high school students can participate in fundraising activities to benefit their sports teams, raise money for charity or offset school events like a dance or a prom. For teenagers, sometimes the wackier the event the better they like it. The key for teens is to contribute to a group activity and have fun while donating time to a worthwhile cause.

Rubber Ducky Race

If you live near a waterway, a rubber ducky race can be an entertaining and profitable way to spend an afternoon. For this event, identical rubber ducks are marked with the contestants’ names and dumped into the water at the same time. The duck that floats down to the finish line first wins a prize.

You may want to offer a “booby prize” to the duck that comes in last. The rubber ducky race offers many opportunities to make money for the school or charity. Tickets can be purchased for $5 or $10, and additional profit boosters may include a picnic where food is offered at a profit, sponsorship of each duck with dollars coming from businesses and individuals in the community and family-friendly activities like face-painting.


The Rock-a-Thon fundraiser can be held in the school gym, common area or cafeteria. Teenagers bring in a rocking chair, sleeping bag, futon, air mattress or other comfy item and settle in for the entire night. Local businesses and the public can help out by sponsoring each Rock-a-Thon participant, and by contributing snacks, drinks and breakfast the following morning. Profit from food sales can go toward the charity, and participants can pay a fee to be a part of the event. To attract rockers, try to get a local band to entertain or show a movie. Of course, adult supervision is required for this event.

Pet Costume Parade

Many teens love animals, and a great way to raise money and have fun at the same time is to stage a pet parade event. Hold this event in a pet-friendly venue, such as a park, and invite students and their friends and family to participate.

One idea is to hold this event in the fall and tie it in to a Halloween costume contest. Pets can be anything their owners choose, from ballerinas and firemen to rock stars. Entrants can pay a fee to participate, and viewers can also be asked for a donation. Local business can contribute toward prizes for Most Creative Costume, Silliest Costume and Worst Costume. A portion of the donations may go toward offering free favors to those parading their pets, such as leashes, pet treats, identification collars and pet toys.