People can get burned out by fundraising requests. A stay-at-home tea fundraiser capitalizes on people's frustration with being asked to buy things they don't need or spend hours manning booths to raise money for charities and organizations they care about. Although there are some upfront costs to sponsor this type of fundraiser, they are typically less than those involved with planning a big event.

1. Step 1

Assemble your mailing list. Include everyone who has donated to your group in the past and everyone who is a member of your organization. If you have a core group on the fundraising committee, ask each member to develop a list of names of people who might be interested in contributing.

2. Step 2

Purchase tea bags to include with your invitations. You'll need one for each invitation you are sending out. Make sure the tea bags are wrapped in foil or paper; bulk tea bags without a wrapper may burst during mailing, creating a mess that won't be welcomed by the recipient.

To cut costs, ask a local supermarket to donate the tea bags in return for an acknowledgement in your mailing.

3. Step 3

Write a letter describing your organization, its goals, and what the money raised will be used for. Include a statement acknowledging how busy everyone is, and that this "nonevent" can be held at the recipient's convenience. Invite them to sit down, put their feet up, enjoy the tea and relax. Suggest they donate what they would have spent on a typical fundraiser, but also include a suggested donation amount.

4. Step 4

Include a stamped self addressed envelope, if your budget allows the up front expenditure. This will increase the likelihood of donation. Consider using PayPal or taking credit card payments to make it easier to donate.

5. Step 5

Mail the invitations, including the letter, tea bag, and stamped self-addressed envelope, if you are using it.

6. Step 6

Include information about the fundraiser in the organization's newsletter and send a press release to the local newspaper.

Things You Will Need
  • Invitations with envelopes

  • Tea bags