A pledge can be described as many different things, but basically, it is a promise or statement of commitment from a person or group. For example, your business might make a pledge to donate a certain percentage of profits to various causes within your community. Often times, children are asked to make pledges when joining groups or organizations, where they are expected to uphold a certain ethical standard. Formatting a pledge has to do with how you space out the sections and what sections you include.

Type the formal or informal name of the pledge you are making at the top of the page.

Skip one line and type the date that the pledge is going into effect. The date should be written in this format: This 12th day of March, 2011.

Include who is making the pledge in the next section, which is spaced one line below the date. From now on, space each section one line apart. Include all parties involved in the pledge in this section. If you are asking people to sign the pledge, leave a blank space for them to fill in their names, such as “I,_, hereby pledge to…”

List out everything being pledged in the next section. For example, a business might be pledging to provide a list of 10 benefits to its employees. Number each separate thing being pledged and space them one line apart.

Add a blank line at the end of the pledge for it to be signed. It might be being signed by individuals or by the owner of a company, for example.

Include a few spaces below the signature line for witnesses to sign, as well. Label this section “In the presence of the following witnesses:” and leave space for at least two witnesses to sign.