Bulletin announcements inform readers of an upcoming event or important issue. The announcement motivates people to sign up for something, attend a meeting or event or voice their support for a cause. Bulletin announcements often appear in church bulletins, the programs handed out at church services. As well, bulletin announcements appear other places, wherever someone wants to announce an event or cause or bring attention to an issue.

1. Step 1

Identify the key information that needs to be told. This includes: the issue or event, date, time, location, cost, place to find out more information and what group is behind this event/issue.

2. Step 2

Write a simple opening line that clearly expresses what the event or issue is. Example: “The church youth group is hosting a pancake breakfast to raise money for the less fortunate” or “Every day, 500 children in our town go without a meal.”

3. Step 3

Write a call to action after the opening line. What are you calling readers to do? Voice their support? Attend a concert? Write their congressman? Make a donation? Your bulletin needs to have a clear call to action. It’s acceptable if there is another sentence or two before the call to action, but write the call to action in the opening paragraph, within two or three sentences of the bulletin announcement’s beginning. Example: “Fill up on tasty pancakes and help the homeless in our community at the same time” or “Provide meals for these hungry children by making a donation at your local grocery store.”

4. Step 4

Write the date, time, location and any other pertinent information. Make it brief and as clear as possible. “The pancake breakfast is Saturday March 4th in the church community room from 8:00 a.m. to noon, with a suggested $5 donation per person.”

5. Step 5

Write additional information if it further convinces people to attend. You want your bulletin announcement to be short, but some additional information can help. Example: “Pancakes will be provided by Johnny’s Cakes and there will be games and prizes” or “A donation of just $25 can feed a hungry child for a week.”

6. Step 6

Write a way to find out more information. Readers of the bulletin might have questions. Provide an email address, phone number, person to contact or Web address. Put this at the very end of your bulletin announcement.