Obtaining money for a charity event will involve seeking private donations, putting on fundraisers and writing grant proposals. These are the most common ways to fund charity events, and non-profit organizations seek to fund both their large and small events this way. While asking for money for any reason is a challenge, many foundations and individuals are willing to donate their money to a good cause.

Private Donations

Soliciting private donors for a charity event is one of the most common ways to fund such affairs. Many people ask their family, friends and co-workers for donations first. These are the easiest groups of people to ask, as they are in regular contact with the event planners.

After the event planner has asked those close to him for donations, it's time to expand the circle and advertise for donors. Often donors will respond more quickly if they are recognized for their donation. Recognition may be in the form of plaques, donor trees or donor bricks. The donor will have his name prominently displayed for others to see. This not only makes the donor feel that he helped out a good cause, it may bring in additional donors.


Fundraisers can be both fun and lucrative for charities. Effective fundraisers including organizing a 5K walk or run, bake sales, selling products such as candy, magazines or candles, and carnivals. Organizing a walk or run can be time-consuming but can also raise a significant amount of money. Bake sales may not raise a lot of money, but the awareness they generate can be a form of advertising for the charity. Selling products can help charities reach hundreds of people while also raising money. Finally, putting on a carnival can raise a considerable amount of money. Carnivals are fun for the whole family and bring the charity into the spotlight.

Grant Proposals

A common way for non-profits to obtain money for their charity events is to write grants asking for funds. A grant request should have a cover letter describing the charity event, how much money the charity needs for the event and the event's main purpose. The grant proposal should include the charity's mission statement and why the event is important to both the charity and the community.

A statement of need should be next. This is a detailed outline of why the charity event needs money, how the money will be spent and any research or data supporting the request. Finally, providing a comprehensive outline of the goals and objectives of the event will tie the grant together.