A telethon raises money by broadcasting a show with entertainment and encouraging viewers to pledge money to a particular charity. Telethons usually span a few hours, but can run longer. Viewers can call a phone number and pledge money to the cause while the telethon is taking place. Often viewers can pledge money even after the telethon is over.

Organize in Advance

Plan the telethon well in advance. This will allow you to line up community support and obtain volunteers to help set up, clean up and monitor phones on the day of the event. Line up entertainment and arrange for speakers who can raise awareness about the charitable cause.

Publicize in Advance

Send letters and emails advising about the telethon. Talk about the telethon within and outside of the organization to encourage viewers to tune in. Advertise the telethon online to draw a bigger audience.

Convenience and Encouragement

Make it convenient for viewers to donate money. Ask for it repeatedly during the telethon. Post and say the number viewers can call to make a contribution. Make sure you have sufficient phones to handle the volume of calls. Give viewers the opportunity to make a contribution through a website as well. Excite viewers by providing frequent progress reports about the money raised.

Give Recognition

Thank viewers for their donations. Consider briefly posting names of viewers who give donations. People generally enjoy being recognized for their generosity.