Hilarious fundraising ideas can uplift supporters of organizations that have a difficult mission. Implementing activities that provide a relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved will increase your chances to build awareness on important subjects. Meet with other members of your organization to select hilarious fundraising ideas that can be presented at a moment's notice.

Funny Photo Contest

Instruct members of your organization to submit funny photos that will be displayed in a public photo exhibition. Host a meeting to flesh out the difference between acceptable and unacceptable photos that can be submitted. You can also pick a central theme for the entire fundraiser that submissions must follow. Possible funny photo contest themes including party animals, dancing, holiday moments or funny faces can be used for your fundraising initiative. Ask a local art gallery to sponsor your hilarious fundraising idea by providing their space free of charge.

Invite local residents and business owners to attend the free photo exhibit. Request all guests to vote for their favorite photo displayed at the exhibition with one dollar. Allow guests to give more money to provide multiple votes for a single photo if desired. Give a small gift to the photographer who received the most votes.

Stand-up Comedy Contest

Invite members of your organization and local community to compete against each other as funny stage performers. Host a stand-up comedy contest at a local theater or nightclub. Give each contestant five minutes to perform a comedy routine in front of a live audience. Allow the comedy performance to consist of jokes, impersonations and parodies. Instruct audience members to vote for a champion by donating the most money in support of their favorite performances. Provide movie tickets or another inexpensive gift to the stand-up comedy performer who raises the most money for your organization.

Wacky Dress Code

Create an outrageous fashion ensemble along with fellow members of your organization's fundraising committee. Host a public fashion show where the fundraising committee walks a runway and performs funny dance routines to hit songs. Ask guests who attend this event to bring cash donations rather than charging admission. Encourage guests to fill a tip jar near the stage in support of their favorite wacky fashion model. Offer to perform dance routines from pop culture that are requested from audience members for extra donations. Hire a disc jockey to host this event or take on this job if professional music services are not covered in your fundraising budget.