Indiana gaming laws provide for non-profit groups to hold a private raffle available to the public for the financial benefit of the groups. Indiana civic code defines a raffle to be, "the selling of tickets or chances to win a prize awarded through a random drawing." Only local organizations exempt from federal income taxation under Section 540(c)(6) of the IRS code are eligible. Examples are civic, educational, fraternal, political, religious or veterans organizations.

Submit the Annual Raffle License Application at the website with the required information, such as the name, address and contact information for the organization. You will also need the specific type of raffle, the location, dates and times for the event, and enough information on your organization to allow the commission to decide if you are allowed to participate.

Solicit prizes from the community to raffle off. A wider variety of prizes will give the public a greater incentive to participate in the raffle.

Purchase a professional raffle kit from an authorized gaming company. They will provide you with the tickets and all necessary equipment.

Market your raffle through news releases, local radio interviews and social media. Put up signs in local retail windows and other visible community places. Create a webpage where people can go see the available prizes.

Invite the media, community leaders and the public to the drawing. It should be open for transparency to avoid any questions about the winner, and the more excitement the more the community learns about your group and it's mission.

Immediately provide a news release showcasing the winner and how the event helped your community through your organization. Provide a professionally done picture if possible.