With so many stray animals in need of shelter, animal rescue groups rely heavily on donations for support. Yet with many charities asking for money, it’s not always easy to come up with creative ways to appeal to donors. Credibility is key when soliciting donations. A reputable website that focuses on pets and provides pertinent information about the organization builds donor trust. You can also team up with event planners and business owners for maximum marketing coverage.

Establishing Credibility

Soliciting donations for an animal rescue group requires the ability to assure donors that they will be donating to a reputable organization. Use your website to build donor trust by showcasing your achievements regarding animal rescues, adoptions, spaying, neutering and how much money has been raised to date. Even if your organization is just getting off the ground, a published mission statement can reflect your organizations goals and whether it depends solely on donations. Providing government registration numbers and promises of tax deductible receipts impart credibility to your fund-raising efforts.

Receiving Donations

A website also enables you to receive donations through a secure online donation page. Set up a donation button that links to your preferred electronic payment processor. Some visitors may not feel comfortable donating online; therefore, make other options available. Receiving donations via text message on your phone is fast and convenient. Your mobile service provider can set up a short code, which donors can use to submit monetary donations. Lastly, create a contact page with your charity's postal address and phone lines. This enables potential donors to mail the checks and contact the organization for any inquiries.

Getting Social

Using social media for fund-raising enables you to reach past your circle of friends. Creating a strong social media presence through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter builds a community of like-minded followers. A picture speaks 1,000 words, so include lots of them. Stories that showcase an adopted pet’s journey into his forever home tug at the heartstrings of donors. You can add social media “follow” and "share" buttons to the homepage of your website to gain more fans and followers, thereby improving your organization's ability to reach more potential donors.

Organizing Community Events

Funraising events can also help you solicit donations and establish a presence in the community. Local governments and tourism boards often create public event calendars -- usually accessible on the Internet -- to publicize upcoming festivals, fairs, concerts and sporting events. Aligning with event organizers will give your charity loads of free marketing. Hook up with local businesses and create an event on their premises. Bring animals in need of adoption and receive donations through raffle ticket sales. Ask local merchants to donate prizes. Create a dog walk event with sponsorship, and generate media attention by inviting local celebrities to walk with their pets. Invite news stations, reporters and even bloggers to cover the event.