You may work for a charity that supports special needs clients, and thus you need outside funding support. Or you may wish to raise funds to assist special needs individuals in your school. Whatever your specific circumstances, there are several approaches you can use to acquire the funds you need. It is helpful to have first obtained status as a non-profit in soliciting funds from the public as well as donations from businesses.

Selling Representative Items

From selling candy shaped like a heart for an organization that raises money for children with heart defects to tiny teddy bear key chains for a charity that assists children with special needs, selling items that represent your charity is a tried and true method of raising money. While you can make your own items for sale, like heart-shaped cupcakes, it is simpler to purchase the items you sell from a retailer.

Symbolic Recognition

A fundraiser that in some way acknowledges the donations of contributor can be highly successful. For example, a water fountain could be placed in front of your school with engraved, round coins with the names of donors who contributed. Over a certain amount, the names of individual as well as corporate contributors could be added to a brick walkway at your school or in front of your organization's office.

Direct Mailers and Flyers

Sending out direct mailers and distributing flyers is a straightforward way to ask for donations for your special needs cause. You can hand out flyers in public spaces or at a business, like a mall, that gives you permission to distribute your materials. You can create your own mailers and flyers or hire a design company to do it for you. Some office supply stores offer both a design and printing service. Make sure to ask if you can receive a discount of bulk printings and if they have a discount for charitable organizations.

Special Needs Raffle

Raffling off items donated by individuals in your community, as well as corporate sponsors, can be a highly successful way to raise money for a charity organization. Create posters for your raffle with a tag line that fits your special needs charity. Consider including images of some of your clients on your poster. Include relevant information like the time, date and location of your raffle along with contact information, like the phone number of your organization.

Online Fundraising

Develop a website, or blog, for your charitable organization. Tripod offers "SiteBuilder" which allow you to create a basic website without needing to hire a web designer or learning a program like Dreamweaver. Google's "Blogger" allows you to create you own blog. It's important to set up a safe method for donors to contribute. It's helpful to utilize social networking platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to attract attention to your special needs charity and, specifically, your current fundraising efforts.