Polymer clay is a craft compound that can be molded and shaped into a variety of products. The clay is “cured” or “fired” in an oven rather than a traditional fire brick kiln. This makes it a popular medium for jewelry makers, miniature artists and kids. Creating craft items from polymer clay and selling them for a profit is an entry into the small business arts and crafts market that requires little initial investment.

Make and Sell Jewelry

A highly malleable product, polymer clay comes in a variety of colors and textures. The clay does not harden quickly, making it easy to shape, sculpt and form. Common jewelry products made from polymer clay include beads, shaped pendants and embellished hair clips. Because of its brief curing time, you can make simple polymer clay jewelry pieces quickly, allowing you to build an inventory in a short amount of time. Make money by placing your pieces for sale in consignment shops, local boutiques or even mall kiosks. Start a website or sell your jewelry in an online handmade products venue like Etsy.

Make and Sell Crafts

Polymer clay provides an excellent surface for decal transfers and decoupage artwork. You can create craft products like miniature picture frames, decorative ornaments, small vases, faces and doll body parts. Sell these works at arts and crafts fairs, online craft forums and directly to other crafters who use certain clay elements in their own work. You can even purchase a form of polymer clay that turns into eraser material when cured, giving you the opportunity to make kid-friendly erasers in numerous colors and styles. These can be sold at back-to-school fairs and direct to teachers, parents and students, or as a PTA fundraiser.

Teach Polymer Clay Design

You can teach polymer clay design and use through a local recreation or community center, or as a private instructor. You can also hire yourself out for birthday parties and kid-friendly functions, helping children design their own polymer clay masterpieces. Create a menu of services and what your charges include, such as set-up and clean-up of work space, use of tools and supplies, and group or individual instruction.

Sell Polymer Clay Accessories

Polymer clay products range from simple and inexpensive to complex and pricey. Explore opportunities for distributing polymer clay products to local arts and crafts stores, or develop your own line of tools and supplies. Clay artists often look for unique cutting and shaping tools, decorative or texturized clay presses and extruders. You could also design your own clay-shaping molds and sell them on your own, or sell the design to a polymer clay manufacturer.