How to Sell Peacock Feathers

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Sell Peacock Feathers

How to Sell Peacock Feathers. With their luxurious and bright feathers, it's no wonder that peacocks are associated with vanity and a bit of animal arrogance. The feathers of a peacock show a beautiful spectrum of colors rarely found elsewhere. You can sell these soft and attractive feathers for a good deal of money, so follow a few steps to capitalize on peacock plumage.

Step 1

Gather and sort the feathers before beginning to sell them. It takes quite a few peacock feathers to make a decent pelt or to supplement an exotic flower bouquet. Go to your source of feathers and sort them according to color, size and quality.

Step 2

Sell feathers wholesale to retailers. Many businesses such as party supply and decor concerns use lots of peacock feathers on a regular basis. Contact companies like Zucker Feather Products about selling them peacock feathers in large quantities.

Step 3

Open an online store. While retail sales of peacock feathers won't justify a real storefront, a store in an e-market such as eBay will supplement your income while spreading word of your brand. Open a store with eBay and provide lots of photos of high quality feathers and news of your good prices.

Step 4

Craft the feathers into jewelry. Feather earrings, for instance, have a stable and sizable market. Work with a jeweler or use your imagination to turn mere feathers into beautiful accessories. Selling the feathers as accessories will increase your profit margin on your product.

Step 5

Connect with flower sellers. A peacock feather is a beautiful and often unexpected addition to a bouquet. Contact local florists about supplying them with peacock feathers and promote methods of integrating feathers into bouquets.

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