If you love making soaps or shower gels, a bath and body business might seem like a natural fit. Creativity and a love of beauty products, however, aren't sufficient to make your business succeed. You'll need a business plan and access to financing, but these steps alone aren't sufficient. To create a truly successful bath and body business, you have to offer something other businesses don't.

Choose the Right Products

It's not enough to offer products that smell good or protect the skin, as dozens of beauty lines offer this. You have to find a specific hole in the market that you can fill. You might, for example, market soap products that are scented with real flower oils or specialize in bath products made from cruelty-free and eco-friendly ingredients. If you have a knack for design or are a talented artist, elegant and dramatic packaging can be used to advertise the product's merits in an appealing way.

Develop Your Brand

Your brand identity helps set you apart from your competitors and is built partially on what makes your product distinctive. If you specialize in eco-friendly products, for example, you might design a website filled with environmental information and opt for low-key and biodegradable packaging. A recognizable logo, marketing style and voice when talking about your products are all vital to a successful brand.

Find Sales Options

A brick and mortar store is the most costly option for selling your products, so you should only go this route if you have sufficient funding. Websites such as Artfire provide an outlet for purveyors of homemade products, and a business website is an excellent option for building interest in your products. Sites that sell related products, such as clothing or personal care items, may be interested in selling your items, and established stores provide a ready-made marketplace for your bath products if you can persuade the owners to carry them.

Market Your Business

No matter how good your products are, you're unlikely to succeed without a strong marketing plan. Define your target consumer and come up with ways to reach her. Most bath products are targeted to women, for example. You might advertise on fashion blogs, in women's magazines or at stores where women like to shop. Search engine ads can help people who are already looking for bath products locate your website, and a social media presence that features discounts, beautiful pictures and shareable posts can help create demand for your bath and beauty products.