To introduce your products into the baked goods marketplace you must establish your sales angle for your business. If your bakery is founded on family recipes handed down for generations, for example, this could help encourage consumers to give your goods a try. To introduce your bakery items to consumers in a way that is both memorable and encourages sales, finding your sales pitch and determining how to effectively relay it to consumers is key.

Define your objectives for the marketing plan for the baked goods. If your marketing goal is to increase traffic to your bakery, increase brand name recognition or to establish a presence in local grocery stores, it must be outlined in your marketing proposal.

Identify your target market for the launch of your baked goods campaign. Decide if the best candidate to purchase your goods is a working mother looking for a fast breakfast option for her family or an impulse buy for a man doing his own grocery shopping. Defining your target audience will help you to narrow in on the most effective marketing tactics for your product.

Design your bakery product packaging to look appealing, and also display the best qualities of your product. For example, if your product is baked fresh daily, this should be printed in a bold font on the package. If you use only fresh ingredients, or if the food is produced without any preservatives, this can also be eye-catching information to display that can help to influence a sale.

Define strategies to help encourage word of your business to spread. For example, create a social media presence for your bakery. Encourage customers to post reviews on your page by running a contest. Offer a free dozen donuts to a randomly selected poster each week, for example.

Find ways to get your products in the hands of consumers. For example, approach local grocery stores and ask if they would be willing to display and sell your bakery products as a part of their local foods or bakery departments. Create a presence for yourself at local farmers markets to help increase your bakery's name recognition.

Make your bakery easily accessible to the public. Create a Web site for your bakery where consumers can review your products, ingredients and bakery history. Showcase your history in the community, if applicable, to become a part of the "buy local" and "support small businesses" movements. You could also add an online ordering feature to give customers another purchase option.

Things You Will Need
  • Marketing objective

  • Product packaging