One type of business that easily weathers ups and downs in the economy is a laundromat. Whether the dollar rises or falls, people still need to clean their clothes. Laundromat owners can augment their earnings from coin-operated washing and drying machines by selling items customers will readily purchase.

Laundry Detergent

For many, the process of gathering their laundry and transporting it to the laundromat so involving they forget basic essentials they need for this chore. If someone arrives at the laundromat without detergent, they are more likely to purchase what you have to offer than make another trip to find a retailer with a more competitive price. Others will gladly buy your detergent rather than bring a heavy container from home. Your investment in a soap-vending machine, whether you rent or buy, will pay off handsomely. Remember to include items like fabric softener as well as a selection of soaps.


In between loading the clothes into the washer, transferring them to the dryer, and folding them, your customers have a long stretch of boredom. Offer them something to eat and drink, whether with vending machines or a snack counter so they can fill the time by filling their stomachs. Provide a variety of choices to suit the tastes of different age groups since many of your customers will come with their children. Choose items suitable to your client base, taking into account if your customers prefer the old-fashioned kind of sugary or fried snacks, or if they represent a demographic which prefers healthier food items.


Give your customers something to do. Many people will gladly pay for the ability to engage in activities more interesting than watching whatever is on TV or perusing old magazines. Think of offering Wi-Fi access with a small fee, or a small selection of coin-operated video games.

Laundry Bags

Some of your clients may arrive with dirty clothes in plastic bags that tear. Give them a way to transport clothes after cleaning by selling laundry bags. You can have bags imprinted with the name and address of your business to serve a reminder of the best place to go to on laundry day.