Casinos attract people who come to try their luck at the slot machines or card tables, but those customers don't always spend all their money there. Getting a piece of that potential customer base for yourself requires a business that takes advantage of the ready-made traffic the casino offers. Look for key products and services the casino does not already provide or offers only in a limited fashion.


If the casino provides inadequate lodging options, open a nearby hotel or convert your home into a bed and breakfast to serve guests arriving for a gambling weekend. Another possibility is to open an RV park to attract overnight campers. Offer a free shuttle service to and from the casino so guests can play and enjoy cocktails without worry. Look at nearby competing lodging establishments or campgrounds to find ways to stand out, perhaps by offering honeymoon suites for couples or building a pool for RV travelers to enjoy.


A casino offering limited food choices makes opening a restaurant an intriguing business idea. Even if the casino offers a buffet and casual cafe, look for a way to make your restaurant stand out, such as offering an atmosphere that’s fun for the whole family or creating a theme focused on sports or seafood. Or you may want to create a gourmet eatery, complete with premium wines, for those celebrating anniversaries, marital bliss or big wins at the blackjack table.

Pawn Shops

Helping people turn valuables into cash so they can spend more money at the casino or have enough cash to drive home can be a profitable enterprise. Locate your pawn shop within a few blocks of the casino, if possible, to encourage people to stroll over when their luck deserts them to pawn their jewelry and other valuables for cold, hard cash. You only need to hold items for a month, although some shops keep items for longer periods of time and charge interest each month. If the gambler does not return to claim her items, put them up for sale to get a return on your investment and to attract gamblers with money who want to invest in jewelry or other valuables.

Recreation and Entertainment

Take a careful look at the types of people who come to the casino, such as families, young or retired couples, or busloads of people on a casino tour. If the casino attracts lots of people who only spend a few hours at the tables or slot machines, open a business that offers entertainment or recreation, such as a water park or a nightclub featuring live music. If you live in an area with lots of natural beauty, offer guided tours, hikes of the beauty spots or open businesses such as rafting trips down the nearest river.