All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, provide a world of high-energy, blood-pumping thrill and enjoyment for the teen years and upward. Running an ATV business is rewarding since you can partake in contagious happiness every working day while maintaining an active lifestyle outdoors. The more involved you are in motoring, the less staff you have to hire; thus, the better off your business’s bottom line will be.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Land

  • Garage

  • Insurance

  • Computer


Ensure the necessary prerequisites are fulfilled. You will need access to urban- or rural-themed private land where your customers can ride their ATVs. Unless you already own a large amount of land, buying property outright solely for the purpose of starting an ATV business might not be worth the investment. Consider renting until the business is established. Make sure the property has a garage for storing the ATVs or that you will be able to build one.

Collate your ideas into a business plan. This will serve both as an operational plan during the business’s first year and will be a crucial tool in securing external investment to start your business--unless, of course, you happen to be sitting on a pile of money.

Purchase your fleet of ATVs. Your ATVs should provide the bare, basic features; luxury options are not necessary in this type of business. Whether you choose to haggle with a dealership for new ATVs or troll secondhand markets for hidden gems, depends on your time and financial constraints.

If you can’t perform basic mechanical servicing of ATVs, either hire a full-time mechanic to assist in the operation of the business or at least have one on-call to provide services when necessary.

Shop around for appropriate business insurance. Browse insurance quote comparison websites to find the cheapest deal. Once you have a quote, spend some more time contacting companies directly to see if they’ll match or beat your existing offer.

Check out your state's registration, titling and licensing requirements at your local motor vehicle department. Federal laws also apply to ATVs. See the Resources section on this page for links to state and federal laws.

Organize a standard tour route. Ideally, your route should have customers traverse a range of surfaces and obstacles.

Promote your ATV business by setting up a website with photos of the terrain, ATVs, a price list and your contact details. Further advertise your business with local tourism agencies and hotels.