Cargo vans provide many companies a variety of options in transporting goods in business. Vans come in various sizes and often can be outfitted to meet the need of the owner. Businesses such as a delivery service, transport service or events coordinator use vans to ensure the safe transport of their goods or services. The van is an economically viable option for most companies that travel the open road in town or on the highway.

Delivery Service

Companies that offer delivery service of packages, crates and other large items would have a need for a van. With a large amount of cargo space available inside, vans offer a good solution in the transport and delivery of large packages. The size of most vans allows a company to transport more packages for distribution and the provides the potential for greater revenue for the service.

Medical Transport

People are who are confined to a wheel chair or a hospital bed in their home may need to be transported to a hospital for treatment. Vans can be specially outfitted with the proper equipment to handle the safety and security of the patients being transported.


Catering companies can use a van to transport their cooking utensils, tables, chairs, ingredients, warmers and related items. A catering service can create shelving units inside the vans to stock and secure the items on the shelves for safe transport. The ability to carry a majority of the items they need to perform their duties at the function without the large number of vehicles greatly reduces the costs that would be passed on to the client. Catering companies can take advantage of the van's size and cargo area to reduce the amount of personnel needed to help cover the event.

Party Planners

People who operate party planning companies often use a van to bring their supplies to the events. In cases where clients request blow up jumpers, the van’s cargo hold is spaced large enough to carry these items. Jumpers included the rubber frame, the air blowers and security ropes. Planners may also need to haul tables, chairs, tents and decorations.

Tour Operators

Shuttle vans often carry groups of six to eight people on various sightseeing excursions. Company operated tours can include Hollywood celebrity homes, famous landmarks, casino junkets and even television studio tours. The Hollywood celebrity tour can also include famous landmarks such as the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood sign and the Brown Derby. The landmark tours could include all the monuments around Washington, D.C.