Many businesses need to ship goods that are too large for parcel services but not enough for a full truckload. For example, if your freight is light or takes up a lot of space, it doesn't make sense to use a 52-foot shipping trailer. In this case, LTL freight services may be a viable option. Commonly referred to as LTL (Less-Than-Trucked) shipping, this service allows for the transportation of box truckloads at affordable rates.

What Is LTL Shipping?

LTL shipping, also known as box truck shipping, combines shipments from multiple customers. Carriers that provide this service can put anywhere from two or six different people's shipments on a trailer. Customers share the transportation costs, so they end up paying less.

In general, the freight is handled by box trucks, which feature an enclosed cargo area attached to a chassis cab truck. Full truckload carriers can transport smaller goods too, but they require a substantial amount of freight to make a profit. Parcel carriers, on the other hand, ship only packages up to a certain weight and size.

Box truck shipping is convenient and efficient. It combines smaller loads to create full multi-stop truckloads. Customers only have to pay for space they're using. This option is popular for small businesses and individuals alike. The downside is that box truckloads take longer to ship since drivers add multiple stops to their route.

Search for Box Truckloads Online

Finding box truckloads can be challenging for independent truck operators. It's even more difficult for those who are just getting started or live in a small city. Load boards are a good place to start. These websites work like an online marketplace where shipping carriers can bid on truckloads and find freight for box trucks, straight trucks and even cargo vans.

An online search can lead you to straight truckload boards, such as uShip, ExpediteLoads and DirectFreight. Check the requests in your nearby areas. Sign up for an account and bid on box truckloads that meet your requirements.

Team Up with Box Truck Freight Brokers

Another option is to team up with box truck freight brokers. Logistic Dynamics and Direct Drive Logistics are two examples. These services appeal to individuals and companies looking to ship smaller loads across the United States.

Contact freight brokers online or by phone and let them know about your services. They can put you in contact with potential clients in exchange for a commission per order transaction. Some will charge a monthly or yearly fee. Since many brokers are active on load boards, consider using these platforms to find contacts. Tell them what type of truck you own and where you operate.

Connect with Major LTL Shipping Companies

Major LTL shipping companies may use your services when they have too many requests or need to fulfill orders in your area. Thus, it's worth contacting them. They may hire you full-time or work with you on a contract basis.