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Anyone denied shipping services because of an overweight package knows the importance of keeping abreast of a shipping company’s weight limits. FedEx uses several different categories of weight limits depending upon the service and destination of the parcels. Failing to stay informed about these weight limits can lead to wasted time and headaches when shipping goods.

Domestic Shipping

FedEx provides several different classes of shipping services. It segregates services based upon domestic and international destinations. The company breaks its domestic service options into the following categories: FedEx Ground, FedEx Express and FedEx Freight. FedEx Ground and FedEx Express permit up to 150-lb. parcels for shipment. FedEx Ground Multiweight only ships packages of 200 lbs. or more.

FedEx Freight

Packages exceeding 150 lbs. must be shipped FedEx Freight. FedEx freight provides shipping services both domestically and worldwide. FedEx Freight does not employ a maximum weight restriction on shipments. However, the company charges higher rates for heavier shipments. FedEx freight charges on a per-pound sliding scale and freight rates increase correspondingly as parcel weight increases.

Per Piece Maximum

FedEx also institutes a “weight per piece maximum” of 2,200 lbs. for its U.S. Express Freight service, which includes FedEx First Overnight Freight, 1-Day Freight, 2-Day Freight and 3-Day Freight options. Standard FedEx Freight, including Priority and Economy options, permits a per piece maximum of 3,150 lbs. FedEx Express Freight and FedEx Freight also impose a minimum weight limit of 151 lbs. on all shipments.

International Shipping

FedEx applies a different set of weight limits on its international shipping services. FedEx International First, Priority and Economy shipping services all accept parcels up to 150 lbs. Parcels shipped to international destinations exceeding 150 lbs. must be shipped with either FedEx International Priority Freight or FedEx International Economy Freight. International shipments sent via these types of service must weigh a minimum of 151 lbs. per piece and not exceed 2,200 lbs. per piece. For international non-parcel shipments, FedEx permits up to 50 lbs. as the maximum allowable weight per item for its International MailService service. FedEx International Next Flight and FedEx International Premium services impose no minimum or maximum weight limits.

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