How to Calculate Postage by Weight

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Every business that depends on mailing their products or marketing materials to their customers keeps a sharp eye on postage costs. However, some businesses spend more than they need to by wasting one-size-fits-all postage on everything they mail. But, while postage prices are fixed by the Postal Service, you can minimize your mailing costs by using only the exact postage required based on your package’s weight.

Place your sealed envelope or package onto your postage scale, and make sure that the item’s weight is fully supported on the scale. Take note of the weight in pounds and ounces.

Open the United States Postal Service Online Postage Calculator ( in your internet browser.

Enter your envelope or package’s destination (the U.S. or another country), its origin zip code (where you’re mailing from) and destination zip code (where you’re mailing to) and the date you’ll be mailing the item. Then select the type of item you’re mailing, and enter the item’s weight in pounds and ounces. Finally, click on the “Continue” button just under the weight on the right-hand side of the page.

Choose your postage option on the following screen—included will be a variety of services based on delivery times and package types. First class mail is generally the least expensive option, while overnight or special handling needs cost more.


  • Be sure to look at all the options in the postage costs chart before mailing—some items fit special categories (such as media mail) which are even less expensive than First Class postage.



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