How to Ship a T-Shirt

by Kevin Johnston; Updated September 26, 2017
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If you just wad up a T-shirt and stuff it in a large envelope, the person who receives it will find a wrinkled, unattractive piece of clothing. Instead, you can ship a T-shirt in such a way that it will arrive in excellent condition and make a good impression on the receiver. Whether you mail a single shirt or mail in bulk, learn how to package T-shirts to protect them from damage without incurring exorbitant shipping costs.

Items you will need

  • Padded mailing envelope -- about 11 by 13 inches
  • Flat-rate boxes
  • 22-lb. boxes
  • 55-lb. boxes
Step 1

Fold a T-shirt by placing it front-side down on a table. Fold the T-shirt in half length-wise by grasping it with both hands at one of the side seams, and then pulling that seam to approximately the halfway point on the shirt's back. Grasp the other seam and fold it to approximately the halfway position on the back of the shirt. In other words, the two seams should meet in the middle. The sleeves should point outward and be on the top of the folded portions. Start at the tail end of the T-shirt, and fold it up one-third of the way. Fold that entire portion up to the top of the collar. Turn the resulting square over. You will see the front of the collar, and a neat square of fabric with no sleeves showing.

Step 2

Place the T-shirt in a plastic bag. You can use a plastic grocery bag or any bag that measures about 12 by 18 inches. Make sure the T-shirt remains neatly folded as you place it in the bag. You can also purchase bags from a T-shirt bag supplier. These bags protect T-shirts from moisture and help prevent wrinkling. You can buy in quantities of one to 1,000. Commercial T-shirt bags measure 12 by 24 inches.

Step 3

Place one T-shirt in an 11-by-13-inch padded mailing envelope. Though the envelope is not as long as the bag, your folded T-shirt will not take up the full length of the bag. Fold over the excess portion of the bag, giving it additional padding. Seal the envelope, and mail it through the United States Postal Service.

Step 4

Mail two to 16 shirts by placing them in individual T-shirt bags and putting all the shirts in a flat-rate box -- available for free at the post office. Slide the T-shirts into the box, remove the strips covering the adhesive on the end flaps, and fold the end flaps over. Press so that the flaps adhere to each other. The box should close easily without bulging.

Step 5

Mail 17 to 100 T-shirts through the United Parcel Service (UPS). You can get a 22-lb. or a 55-lb. box for free from UPS. Pack the T-shirts into T-shirt bags individually, and then stack the bags in the box. Choose a box size that will allow you to pack the T-shirts tightly, so that they won’t shake around and become jumbled during handling. Fill in any extra space using packing peanuts or similar lightweight shipping fillers.


  • Include a packing slip in your T-shirt package, so the recipient can check to make sure the contents are correct.

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