Whether you're making your candles to sell as part of a business or are just giving them as gifts to friends and family, shrinking wrapping has its benefits. It makes the product or gift look nicer and more professional and if the candle is scented, it preserves the fragrance within the airtight packaging.

Things You Will Need
  • Candles

  • Shrink wrap or shrink film

  • Scissors

  • Hair dryer

Purchase shrink wrap. also called shrink film, in a craft, office supply or super store. You can also purchase it online from mainstream sites like Staples or from specialty websites like Seal Sales, Inc. (See Resources below.) There are several types of shrink wrap from which to choose. Usually, the film for candles is made from PVC. You also need to decide what size and shape you would like. You can purchase large rolls of film that you plan to cut or you can purchase pre-cut pieces for your specific sized candles. In addition, there is a different type of shrink wrap that some people use to wrap candles. It comes in the form of a tube in which the candle is slipped, and one or both ends are sealed.

Cut the shrink wrap. If you bought film that needs to be cut, then you need to do some measuring. Measure the diameter of the candle and the height. Add 2 heights to the diameter and then add 2 more inches. That is the size of your squares. Draw your square onto a piece of card stock paper or cardboard and cut. This is your template. Use this to cut your pieces by laying it on top and cutting around with scissors. You also can lay the shrink wrap onto a safe surface on which to cut and use an X-Acto knife. Before you make any multiples of the same thing, place your candle in the center of the first one and push up to see if it covers the candle completely, leaving enough extra to tie a temporary twisty. Adjust the size if needed.

Seal the shrink wrap. If you cut or purchased pre cut squares, place your candle directly in the middle. If you purchased film tubing, then place the candle inside the pocket. Carefully, press and push the film up the top, as evenly as possible. Tie with a twisty. Cut off any excess, leaving only about a centimeter. Next, use a hair dryer and slowly heat the shrink wrap making sure the pleats are uniform. Hold the hair dryer a couple inches away and move onto the next area after the film is clinging to the candle. Once the base is done, work your way slowly to the twisty. When you're just about to the twisty, take it off and heat that area until it clings.


Instead of sealing the top of the candle, you could tie a twisty and then tie a decorative ribbon or bow.