If you're wondering "What's DHL?" — also known as Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn — you can compare it to other popular domestic and international shipping providers such as FedEx and UPS. However, this service is mostly known for helping businesses mail letters and packages internationally, and it has levels of service that can deliver the same day or in up to 14 days.

DHL also offers other services that can help small businesses manage their supply chains to protect goods during transport and get shipments to customers efficiently.


DHL shipping includes domestic and international mailing options that range from same-day emergency mailing services to economy parcel delivery that can take up to two weeks.

DHL Express Mailing Options

When your small business needs to send an international package the same day or within one business day, you can consider the DHL Express delivery method. This service allows shipping to both private and business customers and can handle single or multiple shipments with a maximum package weight of 154 pounds.

The same-day delivery options are designed for emergencies and use either a flight or dedicated vehicle to get your packages to the destination in the quickest way possible. The next-day delivery options can deliver by a specific time such as 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. or 12 p.m., or they may guarantee arrival by the end of the day.

DHL Parcel and Packet Mailing

While you'll have a slower delivery time between two and 14 days depending on the destination, DHL has some parcel-delivery options that work for both domestic and international shipments to business customers but not to any private customers. These options are for regular shipments that weigh up to 25 pounds domestically or between 44 and 66 pounds for international destinations.

The domestic delivery options take between three and eight days and are known as DHL SmartMail. These include options to send small packets up to 1 pound to larger boxes weighing 25 pounds maximum. DHL partners with local delivery providers to get domestic packages to the final destination and allows end-to-end tracking and insurance.

For worldwide shipping, you can use the DHL Packet International and DHL Parcel International options. You can send trackable packets of up to 4.4 pounds and parcels of up to 44 pounds, but you can only insure parcels. Packets and parcels heading to Canada and Europe tend to take four to eight days, while you may have to wait up to 14 days for other destinations.

Other DHL Tools for Businesses

In addition to its shipping services that utilize air, water, road and rail transportation, DHL offers additional supply chain services to businesses of all sizes. For example, it has a warehousing solution that can store packages in transit, and it also provides expertise on efficient transportation and distribution.

You can also partner with DHL to have help overseeing your whole supply chain, planning logistics for an event or transporting perishable goods. The shipping company also does work to ensure that your shipments get transported in a more environmentally friendly manner and with security.

If you run an e-commerce company, you'll find DHL's integration with popular online selling and shipping platforms to be useful. You can integrate DHL shipping with Shopify, WooCommerce, EasyPost and ShipRush among others to gain access to many of the domestic and international shipping-service options. Doing so might be as simple as adding a plug-in or may require having a programmer set up the connection.

Shipping Items Through DHL

To get shipping quotes, order materials and buy postage, you can set up a DHL login on the DHL USA website. You'll be able to compare service levels to find what's affordable for your business, select the desired service, print your shipping label, choose a payment option and complete any paperwork needed. You can either find a DHL drop-off location or schedule a pickup for your packages.