FedEx, originally called FDX Corp, is a worldwide shipping and logistics company founded by Frederick W. Smith. Incorporated in 1971, the FedEx home office is in Memphis, Tennessee. As of 2010, FedEx offers shipping to individuals and businesses throughout the world. There are many different types of shipping options such as package, freight and expedited shipping. FedEx also ships dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Package Shipping

FedEx offers many different delivery options in package shipping. You may choose ground shipping for same-day, next business day and two or three business day delivery. The package shipping option is available for packages weighing 150 pounds of less. Heavier packages would require the freight shipping option. Package shipping also offers extra service options, such as proof-of-delivery, return system and special handling services. Package shipping fees vary depending on the shipping and delivery locations. International package shipping services are also available for packages of 150 pounds or less. FedEx will come to your location to pick up your package or you may drop it off at a FedEx location near your area. For more information, call FedEx Package Shipping at 1-800-463-3339.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping services are offered for packages weighing more than 150 pounds. Some are shipped using full-truckload or less-than-truckload delivery options. FedEx offers trade network shipping providing full-container or less-than-container ocean cargo and air freight options for forwarding goods to world markets. Freight shipping services are available for package delivery in the United States and more than 130 countries and territories throughout the world. Shipping rates for freight normally cost more than the package shipping option, depending on the delivery time frame. You may choose urgent, time-definite or day-definite to ensure on-time arrival. For more information, call Freight Shipping at 1-866-274-6115 or Ocean Freight at 1-800-249-2953.

Expedited Shipping

FedEx offers expedited shipping services for packages and freight up to 2,200 pounds, with no sides exceeding 48 inches. Rush delivery services are available for your most urgent shipments. Same-day and next-day delivery options are also available. Package and envelope expedited shipping is available with a money back guarantee as stated in the FedEx Service Guide. Expedited freight options are also available with same-day, next-day and non-stop door-to-door shipping services. Air charter shipping and blended air and surface shipping services are also available for shipping domestic and international freight. FedEx offers a variety of options to meet all shipping needs. For more information, call Express Same Day at 1-800-399-5999 or International Next Flight at 1-800-974-7333 or Custom Critical Surface and Air Expedite at 1-866-274-6117.