As global trade continues to open and expand, goods are being exchanged domestically and internationally at great distances. Most companies deliver goods by airmail parcel and freight shipping services that utilize tracking numbers so customers and shippers can track orders and ensure delivery.

Locate the tracking number for your shipment. Many companies will send an email to customers with this number or make the tracking number available on their websites. If you do not have the tracking number, call the company's customer service number.

Go to the iShip Track It tool. The iShip Track It tool tracks shipments sent by the largest domestic airmail, parcel and freight carriers: Airborne, DHL, FedEx, iShip, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

Enter the tracking number into the field next to "Enter Tacking Number:" and click the "Submit" button. The results will be displayed and will indicate the shipper and provide additional information, giving dates and times received at various points as the package makes its way to the customer.

Try an alternative method if iTrack provides no results. The U.S. International Delivery Services web page lists services associated with sending mail worldwide.