How to Track International Registered Mail

The United States Postal Service's registered mail option provides extra security for your item, from the time it is mailed until the time it is delivered. International registered mail with tracking is only available for First-Class mail packages being sent to an International destination -- packages up to four pounds in weight and up to $400 in value. When the item is mailed using postage purchased online, USPS issues a receipt that contains the tracking number. USPS also offers Priority Mail International options with tracking, for additional fees.

Tracking the Mail

At the USPS website, click on "Tracking." On the next page, enter the tracking number in the box labeled "Tracking (or receipt) number." The tracking number for registered mail will be in the format of 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00 or RA 000 000 000 US. Click on the word "Find." A chart will be displayed, showing the date, time and location each time the tracking number is scanned, plus the estimated date of delivery.



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