How to Get a UPS Account Number

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How to Get a UPS Account Number
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Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, you will likely ship packages as part of your business. Tracking packages is important to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. The United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the main providers of shipping and tracking. Depending on the size of your business, it is beneficial to set up a UPS account. Besides its convenience, UPS can save your company time and money.

Benefits of Having a UPS Number

Getting an individual UPS number and registering for a UPS account provides many conveniences. When you get a UPS number, you can store contacts and payment methods, view your shipping history, set shipping preferences, run billing reports and order shipping supplies. You can also save money by opening a UPS account. With the services provided by having an account, you can potentially save around 10 percent on UPS Ground services and 18 percent on both UPS Air and UPS international services.

Determining Your Shipping Needs

Before you get a UPS account number, you should figure out your shipping needs. The services you register for can vary depending on how frequently you ship packages. If your company ships several times a week, you will be able to automatically schedule pickups and set up automatic tracking notifications. You can also open an account where you can pay your weekly UPS bills with your preferred payment method. If you have a company that sends packages daily, this can streamline the shipping process. On the UPS website, you can set up daily pickups and weekly billing, and view a dashboard that tracks all your shipments.

If you are a medium-sized or large business with frequent shipping needs, you can work with UPS to set up customized shipping services. UPS can help you optimize your supply chain, ship hazardous materials and develop more efficient shipping options.

If you are shipping only occasionally, you may not find it beneficial to have a UPS account. In that case, you can ship and track packages as a "guest" and create individual shipments. Shipments can be picked up at your office or dropped off at a nearby location.

Getting a UPS Number

If you decide it is beneficial for your company to open a UPS account, the process is straightforward. Just go to the UPS website and register an account. Create a user ID and password and input the requested information.

If it’s more convenient, you can also sign up via your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Amazon accounts. If you are a sole proprietor or small business, it may be handy having streamlined login information.

You will also input your preferred payment method. UPS accepts payment through electronic funds transfers from bank accounts, checks and credit cards.



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