How Can I Track Down My Shipment Without a Tracking Number?

by Heather Skyler; Updated March 15, 2018
Shipping companies have their own tracking methods.

If you're a business that sells products online, it's likely you do a lot of shipping. The standard way to track a package is by using a tracking number. What happens if you misplace that number or want to use a better method for tracking lots of shipments at once?

Track Business Shipments Using FedEx

FedEx has a program called FedEx Insight that allows you to track packages without tracking numbers. This service is best for businesses that deal with more than 20,000 shipments annually. Using this feature, you can monitor all of your inbound and outbound shipments, as well as third-party shipments billed to your account. This will help you manage your supply chain, customer expectations, and better plan staffing and inventory. The best part? It's a free service.

  • See all shipments and their status using your account number or address.
  • Get automatic notifications of deliveries and delays.
  • Find a missing shipment using a reference number or door tag number. 
  • Export and organize shipment data by date, status or other variables.
  • Invite others to view your shipments and status.

Other Tracking Methods on FedEx

No frills tracking: If you just need to look up one package, enter your reference number or door tag number on the FedEx home page. This is also where you can enter a tracking number if you prefer.

Numerous shipments: Use FedEx Tracking if you're a business with a lot of shipments, but less than 20,000. This feature allows you to filter and customize your tracking. You can give your shipments nicknames, instead of using unwieldy long numbers, and create a personal watch list.

Manage Deliveries: The FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to log in and specify when and how your deliveries will arrive at your home which is great for home businesses. You can input the time and date you want packages to arrive, in order to make sure you are there to receive them.

Track Business Shipments Using UPS

The best option for business shipments at UPS is a service called Quantum View. This service allows you to track all of your shipments using your UPS account number. It's free with a UPS account (the basic UPS account is also free) and has several different features.

  • Quantum View Manage: This feature allows you to download and view all of your shipments using your UPS account number. You can also create customized reports.
  • Quantum View Data: This allows you to integrate information into software and databases in order to give you specifics about your customers' and suppliers' shipments.
  • Quantum View Notify: Get email alerts about the status of packages.
  • Quantum View Administration: Manage multiple users and services with this tool.

Track Business Shipments Using the USPS

You can track multiple shipments at the United States Post Office if you sign up for a service called Informed Delivery. No tracking number is required.

  • This service allows you to automatically track packages without entering an individual tracking number.
  • Get email and text alerts about important shipments.
  • See images of what's being shipped. 
  • Enter instructions for your mail carrier online, if you want to change anything about delivery.

There are lots of shipping solutions out there for your business. What you choose will depend on the size of your company and how much you ship annually.

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