Every business day, FedEx moves about 14 million packages, connecting an estimated 99 percent of the global GDP through a fleet of 185,000 vehicles on land and about 670 planes in the sky. With stats like these, it should come as no surprise when a small business finds themselves relying on a FedEx delivery, but any entrepreneur knows that plans – and delivery addresses – are often subject to change.

Here's some reassuring news: FedEx.com also sees about 55 million unique visitors each month and processes 150 million package-status tracking requests daily, which means that tens of millions of people need a little FedEx help from time to time. If you're out to change your package's delivery address, you're not alone, and you have lots of options.

All About Rerouting

When you request to change a package's delivery address from what was originally on the shipping label, FedEx calls this a "reroute." You can reroute a package from one street address to another as long as it's in the same city or state; from a holding status at a FedEx location to a street address; from a street address to a hold at a FedEx location; or from one hold location at a FedEx to another FedEx location.

FedEx allows one reroute per package and the original sender must make the request. Also, a fee may apply. There are a few different ways to go about rerouting your package, but in any case, it's a good idea to have the package's FedEx tracking number, the address for the new destination and the best contact phone number for the recipient at the ready before you make your move.

Change Your Delivery Online

Signing up for the FedEx Delivery Manager, which you can visit at FedEx.com, gives you access to the tracking ID, status, latest activity and scheduled delivery date of your FedEx parcels, among other helpful info. From here, you can also make a variety of changes to your active packages.

Once you've signed up for a free account with a username, password and basic contact info (make sure the info matches what FedEx has on file), you'll see a heads-up display of any active packages right when you log in. For each package, you can make free changes such as receiving alerts, signing remotely, providing delivery instructions, holding the package for pickup at a FedEx location or requesting a vacation hold of up to 14 days.

You can also request a reroute using the Delivery Manager online and pay any required fees with your credit or debit card. For a $5.25 per-package, per-request rate (as of 2018 prices), FedEx will deliver the package to another address, deliver it on another day or schedule a specific delivery time. If you need to reroute the package more than 120 miles, per-package fees range from $13.75-to-$31.50.

Give FedEx a Call

If you prefer a person to an online app, FedEx customer service can also help you reroute a package (for the same fees) over the phone. FedEx's contact number for customers in the U.S. and Canada is 1-800-GOFEDEX, or 1-800-238-4461 for the hearing impaired. Fortunately, FedEx hours work on your business's schedule – the phones are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

More FedEx Help

If you choose to hold a package for pickup at your local FedEx rather than have it delivered to a street address, there is no fee. Just make sure that the person you've authorized to pick up the package brings a valid photo I.D. – they'll need it to claim the delivery.

FedEx warns that when you reroute a package, you may risk delaying its delivery. Likewise, the delivery company reserves the right to choose the mode of transportation – ground, air or otherwise – for rerouted packages. Fees charged for rerouting are subject to change based on your location and services requested.