How to Change the Delivery Address for FedEx

by Amie Martin; Updated September 26, 2017

Did you send something via FedEx only to find out the recipient has moved or will be out of town? Fortunately, it is possible to change the delivery address with FedEx simply by calling them. If you are using FedEx, you want to get it there quickly and securely, so FedEx is particular about the information it requires to reroute a shipment.

Items you will need

  • Payment information on airbill
  • Tracking number
  • Valid contact phone number for recipient
Step 1

Call FedEx and choose "More Options" from the automated menu until you are given the option to speak to a representative. Choose or say "Representative" when prompted.

Step 2

Provide the representative with the payment information on the airbill, the tracking number and the new delivery address and phone number.

Step 3

Confirm any changes in the delivery date with the representative.

Step 4

Notify the recipient of a change in delivery date, if applicable.


  • Contact the recipient and confirm his address for the day of shipment before sending via FedEx. For instance, if he's traveling, he might ask you to deliver to a different location. Knowing this in advance will save you time and prevent a possible delivery delay.

    If you reroute a shipment to "Hold at FedEx" and the FedEx location is in the same city as the original delivery address, you will avoid a special handling charge. The recipient will have to pick up the shipment, so ask him if this is convenient.


  • Rerouting requests must be made by phone by the sender. A recipient's request will only result in the shipment being held at a FedEx location in the same city as the original delivery address.

    FedEx reserves the right to charge a special handling fee for any rerouted shipment. This fee will be applied to the payment information on the airbill and will be listed as an "Address Correction" on the invoice.

    Rerouting a shipment might cause a delivery delay depending on the location and stage of delivery. Your FedEx representative will provide new delivery information at the time of your call.

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