In today's society, individuals who use wheelchairs are sometimes provided with limited options when it comes to transportation services. If you have a patient personality and a love for people, starting a wheelchair transportation business could prove to be very rewarding for you. It can provide you with a sense of purpose knowing that you are meeting a need by helping someone else to accomplish the daily errands she needs to accomplish.

Decide what type of wheelchair transportation business you want to operate. Will it be a taxi-cab company that caters to individuals in wheelchairs or a concierge service that takes individuals who are in wheelchairs to run their errands?

Select a name for your wheelchair transportation business. Apply for a state business license or permit to run your business. Create business cards and fliers for your business.

Purchase a van or bus that is wheelchair compliant. The van or bus should have a wheelchair lift or ramp, as well as seat belts to hold the wheelchair in place while the individual is being transported. Put your wheelchair business's name and contact number on your van or bus to get the word out to the community about the transportation services you offer.

Decide on the fees and rates that you will charge for your wheelchair transportation services. Will you charge based on mileage or will you charge an hourly rate?

Market your wheelchair transportation business by passing out business cards and fliers to hospitals, senior care facilities, grocery stores, department stores and other places an individual in a wheelchair might go.