No matter what type of homemaking you specialize in, be it laundry, cooking or cleaning, starting a homemaker service business can be profitable and done with very little money. Just like some people need the services of a handyman to make repairs and perform small tasks around their homes, some people either need the services of a homemaker because they do not have the time or energy to do it themselves. But managing a household can be hard to do and treating it like a business will help you succeed.

Develop a list of homemaker services to offer your customers. For instance, you can offer laundry pickup and drop-off, home organizing, decorating, personal chef services or child care during the day.

Obtain the permits needed in your area to perform the services you want to offer. Check with your state's website to learn what kind of licensing and permits you need. Some may require baby sitters to register with the state. You will likely need to register your business name, which typically costs between $15 and $45, and is usually distributed at the county level.

Set prices for your homemaker service business; what you charge depends largely on the amount of competition you have, the services you're offering and where you're located. You can charge by the hour, offer fixed rates per day, or monthly fees depending on your client or your services.

List your homemaker service in online and print directories, including phone books and websites such as Service Magic or Craigslist. This will help you get your business name and services out there for a relatively low cost.

Promote your homemaker service business. Hand out fliers in your neighborhood, offer coupons to local business offices and senior community centers, and submit press releases to local media outlets that cover small businesses.