A gift-wrapping service is the perfect way to make a little extra money around the holiday season, or it can be a regular service all-year long. Most customers will be busy people who’d like a helping hand when it comes to getting all their presents prepared, and that means it needs to be convenient for them to find your services. Because of this, gift wrappers often appear in busy shopping areas. However, it’s still important to adequately advertise your services to attract new customers.

Make agreements with local shop owners for them to refer busy customers to your service. Often, you can arrange for a small portion (perhaps 10 percent) of your profit to go toward a particular shop if the customer says that shop gave him or her the referral.

Hand out flyers to shoppers who are carrying a lot of shopping bags. These flyers should include a description of your services and prices and information about your location and hours.

Put up posters in busy areas, and be sure to advertise in any free newspaper listings.

Get involved in community holiday events and find a way to mention that you’re offering a gift-wrapping service. Often local people will prefer to support somebody who lives in their community rather than a stranger.