How to Start a Gift Wrapping Service and How to Set the Prices

by Jeffrey Brian; Updated September 26, 2017
Gift-wrapping services can make a present look its best.

On birthdays, Christmas, weddings and other gift-giving ocassions, there are many presents to wrap and never enough time. Gift wrapping services give people the options of paying someone else to wrap their packages for them to save time or to simply create a more professional presentation. Gift wrapping services pop up all around during the holiday season. However, you can operate a successful gift wrapping business full time if you market it well and develop a loyal client base.

Step 1

Practice your wrapping techniques by wrapping a lot of presents. If needed, read wrapping and bow-making books and articles to perfect your talent. Take photos of your wrappings so you have documentation. Save all these photos to use in your portfolio and on your website.

Step 2

Choose a name for your business. Decide what kind of business you want to be (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.). If you want to be a partnership or corporation, file your paperwork. Get your business license and set up a bank account. Set up a shop if you don't have room at your home, don't want clients to come to your house or simply live too far out of the way for anyone to come to your residence. You may be able to run your business out of your home until it grows. Also, have business cards made.

Step 3

Calculate the expenses of wrapping variously sized gifts. Make a price list broken down by box or present size. Have a separate surcharge if the present is an unusual size or shape because this take more effort and creativity in wrapping and making it look presentable.

Step 4

Create a website that showcases your work so people can visit your site to see how well you wrap. Approach local shops and offer your services to customers. Some shops might be able to refer you or recommend you in return for a small percentage of profits or some other arrangement of services such as wrapping for their staff or a specific function.

Step 5

Offer clients a discount on future wrapping services for referrals. Expand your service area and the number of clients. Plan ahead for the holiday season because that is when your services will be in greatest demand.

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