Customer service providers are companies and individuals who assist customers with problems concerning their accounts or services. Some customer service providers work in-house, or with the corporation that provides service while others are outsourced and work in another city or country.

Cell Phone Service Providers

Perhaps the most well-known customer service providers are cell phone service providers. These are often outsourced companies whose staff assist customers in resolving problems with their cell phones or phone service.

Bank Customer Service Providers

Bank customer service providers are most often in-house groups of people who assist customers in resolving issues regarding their checking or savings accounts, loans, or financing.

Technical Support

Technical support is often handled by customer service providers who help people with a wide range of technical problems including hardware issues and software/installation problems.

Retail Customer Service Providers

Many retailers employ individuals to act as customer service providers, or representatives. These representatives perform a wide variety of duties including answering customer questions, taking customer orders, and updating or altering customer information.

Online Customer Service Providers

Many businesses provide online customer service to provide customers with assistance, whether it's through email or instant messaging.