Operational customer relationship management and analytical customer relationship management are closely related concepts, but they define different aspects of a CRM program. Operational CRM relates to the operational factors of implementing a CRM system while analytical CRM refers to customer data analysis to determine behavioral responses.

Operational CRM

Operational CRM is, in simplest terms, the business operations connected to building and managing CRM in a company. It includes operation of such functions as sales force automation and call centers.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM describes the component of CRM that relates to data mining and interpretation of data collected about customers. Companies that use CRM are usually trying to garner as much customer data and transaction history as possible to make effective business and customer-centered marketing decisions.

Comparing Operational and Analytical CRM

The tools and other resources used in operational CRM and analytical CRM are often essentially the same. The resources themselves are considered part of the business operations, or operational CRM. The analysis of the data collected through these operations is analytical CRM. Effective operational CRM contributes to solid analytical CRM, which leads to more targeted marketing and better customer experiences.