An open house is a great way to get recognition for your spa’s grand opening or to attract new customers. Holding an open house is an opportunity to boost the number of new customers who sign up for services by offer them incentives to come into the establishment without feeling an obligation or pressure to purchase anything. When you open your doors, make your spa’s services the main feature.

Advertise your spa’s open house with a news release announcing the date, time and location of the event. Briefly describe the spa’s services and features, such as performances or food, that visitors can look forward to during the event. Other ways to advertise include handing out fliers to local businesses, making announcements on social media sites and purchasing ad space in a local newspaper.

Put Your Services on Display

Prospective customers enjoy free services, especially when those freebies relax away stress. Set up stations and offer free 10-minute hand massages, back rubs and facial massages. These 10 minutes give prospective clients a chance to meet the spa’s technicians, and the technicians can begin to build rapport with customers and earn future work.

Give Goodie Bags

Handing out goodie bags at an open house is a good way to advertise the quality of your products to those who might not have otherwise walked through the doors of your spa. Good items to place in the bag include travel-sized massage oils, hand and body creams, makeup samples, nail polish, body scrubs and shower gel. Give your prospective customers information about the business as well, and include your business card, a list of your services and coupons in the bags.

Open House Promotions

As an extra incentive to attract customers and business, offer promotions available only on the day of the open house. For example, give all the attendees a coupon for a 50 percent discount on any services for which a customer and her friend make an appointment. Additionally, offer a 25 percent discount to those who schedule any spa services within the next 12 months, but the services must be booked on the day of the open house.


Serve food and drink to offer some interest for everyone who attends the spa open house. For example, a woman might bring her husband, who might not have an interest in spa services. Food and beverages served in an area with comfortable chairs and interesting magazines will give the husband something to do that he enjoys while his wife explores the open house. Serve finger foods: cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables, chocolate, cookies and party appetizers. Top that off with water, sparkling water or juices.