Attracting a crowd to market your business can be achieved in a variety of ways. Whether for a grand opening or merely to remind the community of the kinds of products and services you offer, the more people you can entice to come to your event, the greater the chances are of converting a percentage of the crowd into customers.

Attracting the Right Crowd

The best crowd for your promotional event consists of people who know your store and appreciate your products and services. Your goal is to increase crowd numbers by enticing your supporters to bring others who may be potential customers. You can do this by using bulk email services to invite everyone on your contact list. Include an incentive in your message, such as offering free raffle tickets to anyone who brings two other people. Another way to increase your crowd is to partner with local businesses by offering them a table or booth at the event or giving them another role to serve. If these businesses view their participation as meaningful enough, they will invite their own customers to attend.


After determining the general number and type of people who may attend your event, search for an appropriate venue. Gatherings held in more affluent areas might increase the number of attendees who are interested in your products. For a large crowd capacity, consider hotels or conference centers, many of which offer outdoor facilities. You might rent space at a local park, or you may decide that your business parking lot will suffice. Be sure to check with local authorities to inquire about any necessary permits. You can find suitable locations by searching websites that offer information for a variety of venues.


An automatic crowd-builder is live entertainment. Set up a conspicuous area where you might have musicians, local celebrities, jugglers or mimes. Install a visual raffle device, such as those used for calling Bingo numbers, and have an ongoing raffle to engage the crowd. If you have an impressive item to raffle, such as a car, announce winners through a microphone or bullhorn to draw attention. Try hosting a chili cook-off and engaging crowd members in tasting each chili offering to vote on the winner. Colorful activities that incorporate movement, such as those provided by clowns working with balloons, can draw more people to your gathering.


Free giveaways can also increase your crowd numbers. These complimentary items also serve the purpose of retaining the interest of event attendees after they've left the affair. You could dispense small takeaway bags consisting of a brochure about your store, your business card and an inexpensive item printed with your logo that is associated with your store. For example, a kitchen supply company might offer a three-pack of wooden spoons. Include in your giveaway a self-addressed, stamped comment card eliciting input about the event. Provide space on the card for names, addresses and email addresses, which you can later add to your contact list for future promotions.