Promotional ideas for sporting events can involve audience members and participating teams to increase their level of effectiveness. Partner with businesses that have resources to make your event the main attraction in specific geographical regions. Choose promotional ideas for sporting events that are easy for you to manage.

College Campus Contest

Invite fraternities and sororities from local colleges to compete for a position as the largest group in attendance at your sporting event. Offer prizes such as free souvenirs, tickets to a later event or snacks to the winning group. You can also invite students from different colleges to compete in a contest that demonstrates who can fill the most seats at your sporting event. Assign specific colors for each group to wear or reserve special seating areas that allow colleges to be identified easily. You can also count the impact each group has by distributing sporting event tickets that are unique to specific colleges. College campus contests are promotional ideas for sporting events that encourage audience participation in advance.

Table Tents

Print a large volume of table tents that promote your event and display them at local sports bars, restaurants, coffee shops and college dining halls. Table tents are advertisements made of paper, acrylic or wood that sit on various types of furniture. Include the location, time and ticket price of your sporting event in the table tent design. Table tents are promotional ideas for sporting events that are inexpensive and can provide direct access to your target audience.

Pre and Post Game Activities

Host pre- and post-game activities to boost attendance at your sporting event. Pre-game activities may include live music performances, parades and tailgate parties. A pep rally featuring cheerleading performances, speeches and sports team introductions can also be planned as one of your pre-game activities. Post-game activities may include award ceremonies to honor key players, dinner, autograph sessions and press conferences. Post game activities can also be used as incentives for sporting event ticket holders, providing them with exclusive access to athletes, refreshments and souvenirs.