Scheduling a scavenger hunt for health care providers is a great way to team build and boost employee morale. It’s also a dynamic opportunity for facilities to come together to meet and mingle with colleagues. Placing groups of physicians or pharmaceuticals representatives on teams against competitors is a way to spearhead a little healthy competition, all in good fun.

Select a Venue


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Start the planning process by selecting a venue. Be sure to keep in mind the size of the attendees that will be participating and those that are attending as onlookers. Choose a venue that allows enough space and distance for the teams to spread apart and for guests to enjoy themselves without getting caught in the crossfire of the scavenger adventurers.

Locations such as parks, botanical gardens, large playgrounds and backyards or even the grounds of one of the medical facilities that may be closed on the weekends would be an optimal choice and allow for enough nooks and crannies for the scavenger hunt hiding spots.

Medical Scavenger Hunt Ideas


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The entire concept of the scavenger hunt can be used as a fundraiser for a health care association or health group. However, whoever decides to coordinate such an event should prepare for multiple activities to keep attendees entertained as well as fed. A host of barbecue items can served for guests to supplement the adventure-style fun.

The scavenger hunt will take some preplanning as clues need to be written and items laid out throughout the hunt field. For a creative treat, write clues on the back of index cards that have the word “first aid” written on the rear. Gather participating scavengers together on teams and issue out the first clues. Set the teams loose to look for each clue that leads them to the end point. Include obstacles and games within the hunt including a hopscotch board, picking up flags at check points, signing their names on an oversized card and even taking pictures of the group using a disposable camera.

For guests who may not be participating in the hunt but serve as a welcoming committee to each of the completed teams, assign several simple games like a water balloon toss, card games and board games on tables for their enjoyment.

Hand Out Fun Prizes


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Depending on the budget, issue prizes to each of the scavenger participants as well as have a grand prize for the overall winner. Tote bags, stainless steel coffee mugs and pens can be purchased in bulk from online promotional companies such as where the event date and logo can be stamped on the item for memories. For smaller games and prizes for clue pit stops, items such as packs of gum, flip flops and key chains can be purchased from online toy company US Toy where they also carry several medical related plush toys and trinkets.