Because many companies require their employees to work on projects together, it is essential for them to learn to work as a team. Team-building games are an efficient way to teach employees to work together to reach a common goal. To give your employees a break from their busy schedules, provide them with fun games that promote teamwork.

Survivor Game

Divide employees into groups of five and provide them with a survival scenario, such as a plane crashing on a deserted island. Give each group a list of 12 items, and instruct them to rank the items in order of importance. Give groups about 15 to 20 minutes to come to a consensus. Then ask them to discuss how they came to their decision and how they handled disagreements.


Minefield is an activity that helps employees develop trust in one another. Employees are grouped in pairs and put in an open area with different obstacles. One employee has to walk through the obstacles blindfolded without bumping into anything, while his partner gives instructions from the other side.

Road Map

Employees can plan a trip together with the road map game. Teams of two to eight are given the same road map. The teams are also provided with a budget, type of car, gas tank capacity and start or end destination. Provide each team with a pen and paper to plan out their trip. Groups that run out of gas money will be disqualified, and extra points will be awarded to groups who saved money. After groups are finished, ask them questions, such as "What was the hardest decision to make?" and "Were any of your ideas rejected?"

Work Vision

This activity allows employees to use their creativity to make a collage out of magazine clippings. Instruct groups of four to six participants to cut out pictures from a handful of magazines that represent their ideal work environment, and glue them on a poster board. After 20 to 45 minutes, ask group members to display their finished pieces.