Throwing a Mary Kay party is an efficient way to connect with potential clients, make new ones and have fun. Traditional Mary Kay parties give women, and sometimes men, a chance to get in touch with their inner beauty by letting clients try before they buy. A great way to do this is to urge potential clients and friends to play games during which they have a chance to win beauty products and services.

Fish Bowl

To play fish bowl, party-goers are each handed a few scrap pieces of paper. One one side of the paper, guests are to write their name and contact information in one color of marker. On the other side, in a different color marker, guests write the name and contact information of a friend who may be interested in Mary Kay products. For each new person who buys a product from you, the party-goer wins a prize. Prizes could be a makeover, free products or a discount.

Mary Kay Hangman

Like the traditional game of hangman, where players have to guess the word or phrase before a full body is drawn, this game is about hangman and Mary Kay products. You or a guest must pick a word or phrase, such as a certain product or service, and ask the players to guess the word, one letter at a time. Each player guesses a letter, and if she gets it right, she either gets to go again or choose a small prize. If a wrong letter is guessed, the player's turn is done and a body part is added. The person who solves the puzzle wins a prize of her choice.

Mary Kay Bingo

Use Microsoft Paint or another photo editing or creating program to make a Mary Kay bingo board, which consists of 25 squares with the center square a free spot. Make the sheets pink or add pictures of Mark Kay products. Players can use actual makeup shades or colors on their squares, and use beads as placements. Place products in a basket, and call out each one you pick out. Players will match the color you chose with what they have on their bingo board. If they have the color you chose, they place a bead on the spot. Each person who gets bingo will receive a prize.