How to Donate Eyeglasses in Maryland

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Around the world, Lions Clubs are making a difference by accepting old, unused eyeglasses and preparing them for distribution to people who are in need of a pair but unable to afford them. The Lions Club has Eyeglass Recycling Centers (LERCs) around the world in Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Canada and the United States. Each year, Lions Clubs in Maryland host a clinic where eye doctors volunteer to provide free eye exams and Lions Club members fit recipients with a pair of donated eyeglasses.

Find the phone number and email address of a local Maryland Lion's Club organization, using the Lion's Club locator on the Lion's Club International website (see Resources).

Type in your ZIP code or find "Maryland" on the drop-down menu. From the web page header, select the initial letter of the city in Maryland closest to your location.

Call the Lion's Club organization about glasses donation drop-off boxes in your area. Lion's Club have eyeglass donation boxes set up in eye doctor offices around Maryland.

Clean your eyeglasses before taking them down to the donation drop-off. The Lion's Club organization will gladly take any unbroken glasses to redistribute to children and adults who need them.


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