Community-minded senior citizens do not have to abandon their outreach work because of any physical limitations they have developed. They can share their wisdom and life experiences through service with churches and non-profit groups. Successful outreaches designed for a senior volunteer team are not overly physical, but still allow the volunteers to mix with the people of the target group. The best outreach ideas for this group involve using their special talents and skills. Senior volunteers’ dependability and experience in caring for others make them important members of the volunteer community.

Blanket Ministry

Seniors can collect blankets to distribute during the winter months. The volunteers can crochet, sew and repair older blankets for distribution. They should wash and fold the blankets before giving them to the homeless or anyone else who needs them.

Newborn Ministry

Hospitals frequently look for volunteers to sit with, rock and feed babies in the nursery ward. New moms need rest and recovery time. Establishing this outreach at birthing centers and hospitals is a good way to get seniors involved in the community.

Bread for the Block

Senior citizens can work together in teams to provide bread to needy families living on their blocks. The bread for the block team can come together once per week or twice per month to bake, wrap and deliver the bread. Volunteers can choose to visit with the bread recipients and offer to pray with them.

Senior Homes

Active senior citizens can inspire their peers by participating in inspirational musical productions. Seasonal cantata groups and singing ensembles made up of seniors can perform at local nursing homes and assisted living homes. Alternatively, seniors can visit the homes and lead simple craft projects and other activities with small groups.

Holiday Baskets

During holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, many churches gather food and gifts for needy families. Church seniors can lead this outreach program. Working together as a team, volunteers can form an assembly line stuffing baskets and boxes of food, while others wrap Christmas presents and still others write notes to families.

Greeting Cards

Churches like to send greeting cards in remembrance of members' birthdays and other special days. Seniors can fill out the cards and send them on behalf of the church.