If you no longer need remnants of fabric, thread, patterns or knitting needles, or if you just want to support a good cause, several charitable organizations will take these items off your hands. Keep in mind that these donations might be tax-deductible.

Afghans Etc. for Charity

Afghans Etc. for Charity (www.afghansetc4charity.com) is an organization that donates afghans and other crocheted items to a variety of other charities, including those that aid cancer patients and a Native American reservation.

Prayers and Squares

Prayers and Squares (www.prayerquilt.org) is an organization that has volunteers who stitch together squares for quilts. As they sew a new piece onto the quilt, they say a silent prayer for someone in need. The recipient of the prayers then receives the quilt when it is completed. Volunteers need 100 percent cotton material, batting and other quilting supplies.

Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need (www.newbornsinneed.org) is an organization that makes items for babies who die soon after birth for burial or memorials. Items needed include buntings and full-term bereavement outfits. While volunteers can contribute items that they have completed, the organization also takes donations.

Mending Hearts Project

The Mending Hearts Project (www.atimetomend.org) helps provide necessities for underprivileged, abused and neglected children, and elderly individuals by donating items to homeless shelters, hospitals, churches and other facilities around Riverside, California. Volunteers make clothing items and blankets for recipients. While the organization does not take donations of sewing materials directly, contacting volunteers who make the items might get you in contact with someone who can make good use of the supplies.

Stitch for a Cause

Stitch for a Cause (www.stitchforacause.org) is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and provides knitted, crocheted and sewn baby quilts, baby blankets and apparel for children's agencies in the area. The organization accepts nearly every sewing material imaginable that is needed to make these items, including yarn, fabric, batting, embroidery floss, thread, buttons, knitting needles, crochet hooks and patterns.

Warm Up America

Warm Up America (www.craftyarncouncil.com) distributes handmade items to underprivileged individuals throughout the country. The organization accepts donations of yarn, needles and crochet hooks. Volunteers use the items to make afghans, caps and other handmade items for tens of thousands of recipients.