Along with rescuing and providing care for unwanted equines, nonprofit horse sanctuaries and equine welfare organizations face the constant need for funding. Available grants help with some of the very expensive burden of food, veterinary and farrier care and other costs of running a horse sanctuary. People with a passion for horses can open their hearts by adopting an unwanted horse or pony or open their wallets by donating to nonprofit organizations helping these animals.

Equus Foundation

The Equus Foundation, also known as Horse Charities of America, awards grants to nonprofit horse welfare organizations in operation for at least one year. All funding requests must include proposed project details, budget information and any other funding sources. Applicants provide a required veterinary check list for all equines in their care. Grants are available for horse rehabilitation, rescue, adoption and retirement, along with funding for food, veterinary and farrier care, tack, grooming supplies, supplements and some capital improvements.

ASPCA Equine Grants

The Equine Fund of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides grants to nonprofit horse rescues and sanctuaries. For 2011, grants range from $500 to $3,000, but cannot exceed 10 percent of the organization's annual budget. Other prerequisites for grant recipients may include onsite visits. Funding focuses on organizations that caring for abused or abandoned horses, donkeys, ponies or mules. In cases of large-scale equine cruelty impoundments by nonprofit organizations, funds are available to help pay for hay, feed, medication and other necessary items.

Blue Horse Charities

Down-on-their-luck former racehorses can get help from Blue Horse Charities. This organization aids both U.S. and Canadian equine rescue groups caring for ex-racing Thoroughbreds, with a primary focus in keeping these horses safe from the "killer buyers" who frequent horse auctions and purchase horses for slaughter. Blue Horse Charities helps nonprofit horse rescues pay for the care and retraining of former racehorses so they can be adopted to new owners as riding animals.

Heart of a Horse

The board of directors of this equine charity includes celebrities such as Robert Duvall, Tab Hunter and Alan Thicke. Heart of a Horse provides hay, medication and other aid to nonprofit horse rescue organizations. It also supports "natural horse retirement" and offers support for horse sanctuaries rehabilitating abused or neglected horses with the aim of finding them new homes.