Nestle Purina grants food, litter and financial support for established animal welfare organizations, but not to individuals. In addition, it also provides support for community efforts, especially to improve the conditions of disadvantaged youth. Other grants Nestle Purina provides relate to pets of military personnel and animals in emergency situations. You can access Nestle Purina's grants by making electronic applications.


William H. Danforth founded what began as the Ralston Purina Company in 1894 after being graduated from Washington University and becoming aware of the year-round feeding needs of animals. In 1924, Danforth and his friends created the American Youth Foundation to train young people in Christian ideals, responsibility and leadership. The organization established a campsite and held summer camps for young people. It also provided fellowships and scholarships for college students and teachers.

Grants to Help Pets

Nestle Purina provides grants for established pet-related organizations for fundraising, pet ownership programs, campaigns and education programs. It also provides animal welfare organizations with food and litter through the Pets for People program. The Pro Plan Rally to Rescue program raises funds to help animal rescue organizations provide the nutrition and care that rescued animals need. Nestle Purina also helps support dog and police K-9 organizations in the greater St. Louis area and in areas with Nestle Purina manufacturing facilities.

Grants for Community Support

Nestle Purina supports community initiatives such as United Way in the greater St. Louis area and in other cities where Nestle Purina runs manufacturing facilities. Nestle Purina also helps disadvantaged youth by offering support grants to educational programs dealing with such issues as college readiness and character education. Other supported programs include those that promote the well-being of disadvantaged youth.

Grants for Pets in Distress

Nestle Purina sometimes partners with national rescue agencies to provide dog and cat food and cat litter when natural disasters such as floods and fire occur. The Nestle Purina website usually has details regarding the partner agencies. The company also helps military personnel and their family members who need help with rescued animals in the Middle East or with pets abandoned by military personnel who have been stationed overseas.


To obtain a charitable grant from Nestle Purina, go to the Nestle Purina website and fill in the electronic form to make a request for a grant. Go to the Pets for People website to request food and litter for animal welfare programs or for pets affected by natural disasters or emergencies. To request assistance for animals in war zones or animals of military personnel, send an email to