Millions of dollars are donated each year to animal shelters and rescue organizations helping homeless or abused animals. Many have a specific focus, such as helping farm animals. But many have grants available to help shelters and rescuers with basic funding needs such as buildings, equipment and help with spaying and neutering.

Building and Starting Funds

The Meachum Foundation Memorial Grant of the American Humane Association gives up to $4,000 toward building campaigns, capital improvements and equipment purchases that directly affect the welfare of animals in shelters. Petco has capital funds grants for new and existing buildings, vehicles and equipment. Maddie's Fund has large grants for coalitions of animal welfare supporters, including rescue operations that are researching animal welfare data in an urban area.

Operational Funds

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has grants that cover spaying and neutering operations in shelters. Petco has funds for general operations including a food bank and a silent auction to raise funds, using Petco products. PetSmart also has funding for spaying and neutering.

Rescue Funds

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals gave large grants rescue operations for horses in 2010, especially focusing on saving the lives of former racehorses. Petco also has grants for rescue and rehabilitation of animals who need to be prepared for life in a family. United Animal Nations provides Lifeline grants to help rescuers and others involved in animal care in situations that threaten the lives of animals.


PetSmart Charities gave $240,000 to Best Friends Animal Society to support a year-long pilot program that encourages responsible ownership of pit bulls.